Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Friday 11th March

Last nights coach trip was the worst I've ever experienced. Pretty much a sleepless night on a coach sat bolt upright. Thank goodness it was our last greyhound journey of Australia! We arrived at Sydney bus station around 10 am We decided to try and find a hostel we were recommended called 'Base'. The weather was overcast and we were walking around Sydney for about an hour before we found it. We were all pretty fed up and just wanted a hostel bed to collapse on. We arrived at Base and we were told that there were no rooms available until Sunday. So instead our only other option was a place called Sydney Backpackers. Now I advise you all to stay clear of this hostel.. It's situated down a side ally off George street and it was the worst hostel I've experienced so far. We got to our 16 bed dorm (yes 16!) and opened the door to an absolute tip of a room. clothes everywhere, the rooms clearly never got cleaned and it took us about half an hour to find a bed that wasn't being used! We dumped our bags and decided to go explore the city a bit more.
We found ourselves walking to a place called Darling harbor. It was pretty nice, but would have looked a lot nicer if the sun was shining! We went to the supermarket and bought some kangaroo mince then bumped into one of the guys we met in Thailand! We had a chat for a while, then went back to our hostel to cook dinner. We found ourselves glued to the tv for most of the night as the Japan Earthquake had just hit.

Thursday 10th March

Today we had to check out of our little cabin before 9am which was a bit of a struggle. We booked our coach to sydney for 12:20 am. So we spent a lot of the day just enjoying the sun waiting for dinner. Me and Lewis decided to go for one last surf which was good fun. Dinner soon came around and we didn't have to pay for it because they thought we were part of another group! saying that, we managed to get away without paying for 4 days worth of meals and surfboard hire! It was a big shame after dinner because 2 whole coachloads of people arrived at the surf camp the night we were leaving so we missed out on a good night there! We got a lift to the bus stop from one of the surf instructors there and our Greyhound bus was about half an hour late! When it finally pulled up it was packed full of sleeping people. So we had to all split up and sit next to strangers who were angry as we woke them up by sitting next to them.

Wednesday 9th March

Today was another day of surfing in the sun, which I cant complain about one bit! There's not a lot else to do in spot x but surf or just lounge around on the beach all day. I envy the surfer's life!