Thursday, 24 February 2011

Friday 18th February

We got up really early and packed our daysacks, as we couldn't take our huge rucksacks with us. We then had to check over our 4x4's and check there was no damage. It was baking hot and we just wanted to hit the road. We finally got going after an hour or so and got the ferry to Fraser Island! As none of us were 21 yet, we couldn't drive the 4x4.. but we still had an awesome time being thrown around the jeep when we hit all the dips and bumps in the road and sand. Fraser island is the biggest sand island in the world, and so there were long durations of time where we were just driving along the beach. Our first stop was one of the biggest, if not biggest fresh water lake in the world.. or Australia I can't remember. But the lake was amazing. I remember doing a handstand and taking a big gulp of water down, and it literally tasted of Evian! The clouds came in unfortunately which didn't make the lake look as blue. But we played a bit of vollyball with the other lads on the trip and got to know them. Our next stop was a lake called lake Wabbi. Now this lake was my favourite. We all had to walk through a rainforest for around 40 mintutes, but you come to a huge clearing which was a massive sandblow, like a mini desert in the middle of the rainforest, which was amazing! I've never seen anything like it before in my life. there was a massive sand slope which was very steep and at the bottom was a lake full with turtles and catfish. We sprinted down the sand slope and jumped straight in the lake. It was brilliant. We then all headed back and arrived at our camp around 5 pm. It was the only campsite on Fraser Island that allowes you to make a campfire, as it is Aborigionie territory. The only rules were that you couldn't whistle, and you were not allowed to spit in the campfire.. Our group did a barbeque (had enough burgers to feed the whole camp!) We then opened up the goon and had a good night around the campfire. I somehow ended up waking up next to my tent with 3 dingo's sniffing at my feet. I was so drunk, I didn't realise that they were dangerous, wild animals and not just your average dog.. But still I'm still alive to tell the tale.

Thursday 17th February

Had another Long journey today from Agnes Water to Rainbow beach. We arrived around 12ish and hooray, the sun had decided to follow us for once rather than the rain! We checked into a hostel called Pippies which was pretty nice. 4 bed dorms so was perfect for us three. We went for a stroll and checked out the place and ended up booking a 3 day 2 night 4x4 self drive on Frazer Island. We went back to the hostel and watched a few boring videos on how to stay alive on Fraser island and how to defend yourself against the dreaded dingos. Then we got put into a group with two Irish girls (Martina and Trish) and a German woman. They were all really nice and a good laugh! We all went for a food shop together to get our supplies for the three days we would spend on Fraser island. Me and Lewis decided to buy a box of goon between us aswell. We then headed back to Pippies and met a few others that were in the other groups that were joining us on the trip. We decided to go to bed early, as we had to be up early the next morning.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday 16th February

All woke up with a goon hangover (bit different to the usual hangover) and went down to reception and booked 'scooteroo'. I saw the leaflet and thought it looked amazing so we went for it and booked it. We all lounged around untill 3pm, except for Lew who went to the beach for a swim. Once we got picked up we were taken to scooteroo HQ where we got kitted out with flame leather jackets and a helmet, also covered in flames. (not real flames .. that would just be dangerous..) We even got fake tattoos to complete the 'badass biker look'. We then chose our ride for the evening and all three of us decided to get on the more advanced choppers with the high handlebars. We really looked the part! We had a long ride on the roads to get used to the bikes and then we ended up all cruising as a pack through Agnes Water town to the quieter roads to spot some kangaroos. It didn't take long before we spotted them! Before this, for me, I never really felt like I was in Australia but once I saw the roos while cruising down an empty road with red sand everywhere I definitely knew I was in Aus. Me, Tom and Lew then had a little race along all the roads which involved a lot of big overtakes. We found ourselves overtaking 5 or 6 bikes at a time. It was amazing! We all rode to the only pub in 1770 which sits just across the road from the Sea. We had a bikers snack of wedges with sour creme and sweet chilli sauce and sat on the rocks and watched the sun set over the sea. It was unreal. Our sunset seeing was cut short though, as the lead biker guy said "we have to go, theres a storm coming.." Now I didn't hear this (well Lew didn't tell me .. probably on purpose) and we set off. I wondered why a lot of people had their jackets all zipped up. Then the rain absolutely hammered down. Good job I still had my sunglasses on otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see a thing! I was completely soaked from head to toe. Then all the bikes started conking out, due to water getting into the air filter. Tom's bike went first. Lewis' bike next, but mine made it all the way back to the scooteroo hq !! out of about 35 bikers, only 10 or so made it back. They gave us free professional photographs as a way of saying sorry. But I think I can speak on behalf of Lewis and Tom when I say that this was the best experience of Australia so far! AMAZING!

Tuesday 15th February

The night journey on the bus was a lot worse than the previous journey. I didn't sleep anywhere near as much as I would have liked. We arrived in Agnes water/1770 (weird name for a place ey?) at 9 am and we were all pretty shattered. We booked into a really nice hostel that was pretty much empty. The three of us were put into a 10 bed dorm, that was also completely empty so we had a lot of space for once. Then we stumbled across the blonde hair dye that the other two bought back in Airlie Beach. We decided to dye their hair, but the outcome wasn't so good and didn't look anything like the beautiful blonde woman on the box! It was fine for me because I didn't do it so I had something to laugh at every time I looked at them. After they got over the fact they were certified gingers now, we all walked to the beach. The surf was pretty impressive and the sun was shining so we had a nice day there. We got back to our hostel to find that George (lad we met in Cairns) had checked into our dorm! small world ey? and so we all cooked dinner and then went out and bought some goon (Cheap Australian wine) we had a drunken game of monopoly and ended up taking an empty bin out with us and went frog hunting with our head torches on. It was sort of like a wimpy version of Steve Irwins Croc Hunter.. Anyway we caught a lot of frogs and toads and then the police turned up.. well the village sherrif. Lewis hid in the hedge with the bucket and I went over and spoke to the policeman. He just was wondering what we were up to and I replied " oh were just looking for a bar" and he bought my story and went away. We then took all the frogs back and released them .... all over my head .. Then we obviously showered and hit the hay.

*no frogs/toads were harmed in the froghunt*

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday 14th February

Woke up with another hangover (I may aswell start every blogpost with this sentence) and had to check out at 10 which was a stuggle! Lew came in at about 7 am and woke me up so I assumed he was up before me for once. We checked out and slept for another 5 hours or so on the sofas in the hostel. Then we spent another lazy day clilling by the lagoon untill our Greyhound bus arrived to take us to Agnes Waters.

Sunday 13th February

We got up on time and got a shuttle bus to the dock where we got our ride for the day. We booked just a day trip on a ex lifeguard boat. which means it went bloody fast! We climbed aboard and the boat went so fast it only took 40 mins to get to the islands. The boat had inflatable sides that you could sit on while the guy rocks the boat from left to right so fast you nearly fall out. Our first stop was a snorkelling site where all three of us went for a snorkel together. Was a good job we had those hideous stinger suits on, as there were lots of tiny jellyfish in the water, which stung our hands and feet a fair bit! After that we shot over to whitsunday island and did a bush walk. I ate some ants (bush tucker) and found myself picking legs out of my mouth all the way to the top of the island. We got to the lookout and had the perfect views of whitsunday beach and the swirling sands. After that we went on the beach and chased some soldier crabs and got the boat over to whitehaven beach which was amazing! pure white sands, crystal blue water and a clear blue sky! we sat and had lunch and then played vollyball with a couple of girls we met on the boat. We stayed on the island for a good 2 hours and then it was time to head back to mainland. I decided to sit on the inflatable sides and held on to the ropes because the bloke went crazy! snaking the boat from left to right was mental could have fallen off at any second! We got back and went to the lagoon to get the salt water off us. We sorted some dinner out and met up with the 2 girls from the boat earlier for some drinks at a few bars. The night ended with lewis wearing girls pj's up to his nipples strolling into mcdonalds at 3 in the morning and asking for a ice cream... priceless.

Saturday 12th February

Woke up today with a bit of a hangover.. When we finally got up we decided to check out a car rental place, because we wanted to hire a car for the day to go see the cedar waterfall. Turns out you had to be 21 to hire from that particular place. So we spent the rest of the day at the lagoon and cooked our own dinner I had cold ravioli..which was.. um nice .. Then we had an early one as we had to be up the next morning, to sail the whitsundays!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Friday 11th February

We actually managed to wake up in the morning today which was an achievement! We slapped on the factor 15 (40 for Tom) and decided to go check out Airlie Beach. I'm not too sure why they call it 'Airlie Beach' because the beach here isn't that great. Dorset's better! but still it's such a nice, clean place. Soo much better than Cairns by a long way. We then checked out the lagoon, which was also a lot better than Cairns's lagoon. We stayed there for a while and would you believed it, bumped into the couple we shared a dorm with in Cairns! It was nice to see them again and we had a bit of a catch up and we arranged to go for drinks together at the hostel's bar.
We met up with them around 8ish, after we had cooked our own dinner in the most disgusting kitchen I've ever been in.. I was afraid to use the knives and forks in case I caught something. But we make a tonne of pasta and then met up with the couple we met in Cairns. We had a few drinks and got pretty merry and ended up going to a nightclub. They wouldn't let Lewis in because he was wearing a vest, and so we went back to the dorm and then ended up going to some other bar instead of the nightclub, due to cheaper drinks. We met a load of crazy Aussies and two German girls who took me and Lewis back to their campervan (because we want to know what they are like because we want to get one for Nz) We checked it out and cooked even more pasta and then walked back and met this nice Mauri girl who worked on a boat in Airlie. We sat on a bench and chatted to her for about 2 hours then Lew and myself decided to call it a night as we wanted to be up early tomorrow.

Thursday 10th February

Today we got up really early and checked out of Global packpackers and hoorayy, Our bus was there waiting! We had a 6 hour coach journey to Townsville, Which I managed to sleep through most of. When I was awake I saw a lot of destruction from the recent cyclone. Looked terrible!
We stayed in Townsville for around 10 minutes and then had another 6 hour Journey to Airlie Beach which was a bit more of a drag, but I still slept through most of it (so much for looking out the window and seeing the Australian scenery!) We arrived in Airlie around 8pm and it was absolutely chucking it down! Good job I was wearing flip flops. We went to a hostel called Nomads, who told us that it was cheaper next door, so we thought okay cya and went next door to a hostel called beaches which was actually quite good. It had a huge, cheap bar which everyone used, even people from other hostels and our dorms were really nice. We were all pretty shattered, even me who had about 13 hours sleep today, but we decided to have a early night and see what Airlie had to offer tomorrow.

Wednesday 9th February

Today surprise surpise we woke up pretty late with a bit of a hangover and therefor had a bit of a chill day down at the lagoon. We went out and checked out the mall aswell. Basically did the same as the previous days before we went to the great barrier reef. Cairns really isn't as good as it's made out to be. It's a lot smaller than I thought and all there is to do in the day, is just go down to the lagoon. We did our usual free meals at the hostel and the wool shed and then went to the bus stop to get our ride out of Cairns to Townsville. We got there and there was no sign of our bus... turns out it was cancelled due to the bad road conditions (cyclone damage) so we ended up walking round Cairns at night looking for the cheapest hostel possible for the night. We checked in to a hostel called Global Backpackers which wasn't actually that bad! it was a lot closer to the lagoon, so we dumped our rucksacks in the dorm and went for a night swim. We then had a walk around and ended up checking out a night market which sold lots of authentic aboriginal arts and crafts...Didn't buy anything though.. we're backpackers!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tuesday 8th February

Today we had another lazy day by the lagoon, as it was finally open. We spent most of the day they catching rays and going for swims. later that night we decided to check out the Cairns nightlife and we ended up getting front row seats to a womens jelly wrestling tournament, was an experience (dont worry Gentlemen I will put the photos up) Were definitely starting to feel the strain of the backpackers budget. a pint is 5 dollars during happy hour. Compare that to Thailand where a pint was about 1 pound 20 !! Definitely miss Thailand when it comes to budgeting and spending money!

Monday 7th February

We woke up at 7 and got the coach north to Port Douglas. This is apparently the best place to go to see the Great barrier reef. It was a 2 hour coach drive, but I actually enjoyed it as the sun was finally out! and it was a coastal road so the scenery was pretty awesome. We got on the 'super sonic' boat and departed the port. whilst on the boat, Myself and Lewis had to fill out scuba diving forms just incase we died or went missing! We arrived at the reef and had to watch a safety video, where they explained that if you hold your breath while accending, your lungs would explode and you would die ... right. So We both got kitted up in all the scuba gear and jumped in the sea. The water temperature was 28 degrees! Luckily we had a expert instuctor all to ourselves which was good. At first I stuggled with the whole 'don't hold your breath' concept, but after a while I had mastered it and it was AMAZING! completely different to snorkelling and it feels unreal! our dive was for 30 minutes, and then we all went for a snorkell together. We moved to the next spot and we all went for another snorkel sesh together. I lost the other 2 and ended up swimming with a turtle! then my luck got even better and the other turtles mate turned up and I basically watched them get it on.. which is apparently really rare! The third and final stop was another amazing reef. Me and Lewis decided to fork out another 40 bucks each and do another dive. This dive was even better than the first. We went deeper and were down for a lot longer. It was a really strange feeling swimming alongside a huge wall of coral, and I saw a nemo! We then headed back and had a rocky boat ride back to dry land. We got back and were so shattered from all the swimming we didn't stay awake for long.

Sunday 6th February

We woke up pretty late this morning, the weather wasn't that great so we didn't miss out on anything. We went to a nearby tourist info place and myself and Lewis have booked to do a scuba dive on the Great barrier reef which is exciting. All three of us will also get to do a whole day of snorkelling. We also decided to go with the greyhound bus service to take us down the East coast to syndey stopping off on the way at Townsville, Airlie Beach, Agnes Water/1770, Rainbow Beach, Frazer island, Noosa, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay and then Sydney. We also recieved enough free meal vouchers for every night we are staying in Cairns which is good for us backpackers! Later that evening we decided to stay up late and watch the 6 Nations rugby match between England and Wales and tried our first pint of proper aussie beer. Good times!

Saturday 5th February

We landed in Cairns airport around 9.30 am and got a transfer to our hostel (Gilligans) But we couldn't check in untill 2pm so we dumped our rucksacks at the hostell and went for a wonder. We had a nice breakfast at a local cafe. I've noticed that there is a lot of Aborigines around in Cairns, and they are always drunk and being followed by the police here. Because of the cyclone the lagoon (big community swimming pool area) is closed. But hopefully it will be open tomorrow or the next day. We finally killed enough time to check in and the dorm was pretty nice. It had all the basics so we were happy. We met a nice couple from London who we shared the dorm with. They were here during the cyclone and they said they were just stuck in their dorm for 2-3 days! We were all pretty shattered from our flight this morning, so we just had a lazy day and explored Cairns.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Friday 4th February

Today is the day we fly out of Singapore to Cairns in Australia via Darwin. We were told about the cyclone the day of our arrival to Singapore, so we spent a lot of today doing our research into it. Hoping it would pass before we arrived! We spent a lot of today just on the computers in the hostel sorting this blog out and drinking lots of coffee, as it was chucking it down outside. We went for one last stoll around the City of Singapore then got the subway system to the airport. and waited for our flight for 2 hours. We were told that Singapore airport is absolutely amazing but we obviously went to the wrong terminal, because it was nothing like what everyone said it would be. We got our flight with jetstar which wasn't the best airline in the world by a looong way! But we arrived in Cairns safe and sound around 9 am the next day and not a cyclone to be seen!

Thursday 3rd February

We woke up pretty late as we were all pretty shattered from the previous flight. We met the other 2 blokes that were also staying in our hostel room.
Because it was Chinese New Years day today, the streets were almost deserted which was a good thing in a way, but it was eery, which was strange. We walked to a place called little India which is a part of Singapore and is full of Indian restaurants and local Indian markets. Because the Indian people do not celebrate the Chinese new year, Little India was absolutely heaving with people. We managed to squeeze through the sweaty markets to buy some fruit. (which was desperately needed as we had had enough of rice, noodles etc) We then went back and just chilled at the hostel for a bit which gave me the opportunity to update my blog. Later that evening, We decided to go check out this huge skypark building at marina bay. It was absolutely massive! and the lift up to the ship on top of the buildings only took about 10 seconds!! our ears popped a bit as you can imagine. The views from the top of the skypark ship were unbelievable! We got there when it was getting dark, so you could see all the lights on the buildings and it made some pretty good photographs. We then left and walked around the enormous shopping mall they have there again. Then we went back to the hostel as it's too expensive to go out for a drink here haha.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Wednesday 2nd February

I actually managed to wake up at 6am and didn't feel like a zombie which was good! We checked out and got to the airport and caught the flight to Singapore hastle free.

the Train system Here is the main way of getting to places (basically a Singapore version of the tube) It took us a while to work out how to use it, which involved asking a few people to help us out, but we got there in the end.
We saw the Raffles hotel, which is the most famous hotel in Singapore. We then spent the rest of our evening at the marina bay which is amazing! theres a skypark hotel there which is just 3 huge hotels with a giant ship lying across all 3 of the buildings.

Also it is Chinese new years eve today so China town and the marina bay was packed with people celebrating and fairgrounds etc.

The roads here are so clean I feel i could literally lick the floor and not catch an illness. Also there is a lot of supercars around here.

It felt a bit strange when We first arrived here. It's like a weird blend of Thailand and USA. It feels really modern, sort of like a virtual city in the middle of nowhere.

Tuesday 1st February

Today we had the ultimate lazy day. Literally woke up at 12ish got some food and strolled around the markets again bartering with the locals and trying to get the biggest bargain possible. We came back to our hotel around 4 ish and slept untill 7 and then went out for our last meal in Thailand. We decided we had to go back to good ol' stop here, as that was the place where we had our first meal. The waitress that we became quite friendly with gave us a round of free drinks which was nice of her, and we stayed for a few games of pool and then did our last walk around Khao San road before getting an early night for the flight tomorrow.

We arrived back at the hotel and Tom and Lewis went to bed as we had a 6 o clock in the moring start to get to the airport. I was about to join them when Ning decided she wanted to take me to a traditional Thai night market. I was told about the night markets before I left for Thailand so definitely wanted to experience one so i decided to join her aslong as we were back by half 1. It was a bit of a strange experience to see all these stalls selling a range of items from swords, tazers and knifes, to those eye contact lenses that make your eyes look huge (the ones that are banned in the uk) But what I found the most odd was the fact that all the people were so awake and it felt like it was day time. Ning told me that they would just sleep in the daytime and wake up for the market. So they basically live nocturnal lives just to sell their goods! We left the market and got held up in traffic for what seemed like hours. So we arrived back at about half 2 in the morning. I said my goodbyes and headed straight to bed thinking to myself that the flight tomorrow is going to kill me if I dont sleep now.

Monday 31st January

Today we had a pretty Lazy day In Bangkok, as after about 3 days of the place you literally run out of things to do, and its not the most pleasant place to stay for a long time anyway. But we wondered around the markets again and got a few bits and peices. We then found a gym and spent a few hours in there and I experienced a steam room and sauna for the first time which was interesting..
I must say, it was a bit of a detox after the weeks of sleeping on trains and bus's and drinking Chang and Singah beer. So I was feeling pretty refreshed afterwards.

Later that evening the three of us met up with Andy and Lorna (2 of the group members from the trip) and we had dinner, together which was nice. Then the time finally arrived to experience whats known as a 'Ping Pong Show' Now I won't explain what it is or tell you what we witnessed .. and fortunately cameras wern't allowed.. which is a good thing for you lot!
So after the show we left white faced and a bit queezy and met up with Ning the girl from our hotel and her friend mint. We went to a few bars and nightclubs in Khao San. Then Some of us went home, and Ning and Mint took me and Lewis to a proper Thai nightclub. It was a bit intimidating as EVERYONE there was Thai and we were the only non Thai's there ... But they all seemed to love us and we got back in at 6.30 in the morning which sort of proves we had an amazing time there.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sunday 30th January

We arrived at Bangkok train station around 9 am and said our farewells to a large chunk of the group. the remaining 5 or 6 of us decided to go to the huge shopping center called MBK. Its about 5 floors tall and sells almost everything you can think of and its crazy cheap! Tom bought a camera for like 160 quid and its worth 250 ! We almost spent a whole day there, theres so much to do. After we left we checked back in to our old hotel we stayed at before we left for the trip to southern Thailand. Later that night we met up with First and a few others from our group for a farewell meal. the restaurant was really nice. It was overlooking the river than runs through Bangkok and at night it looked amazing with all the street lights and fireworks being let off in the distance. We then decided to call it a night, as we were all shattered from the sleepless travel the night before.

Saturday 29th January

We had to check out our hotel at 12 and we had one last photograph as a whole group before everyone went their seperate ways. We then got the catermaran back to Chumporn and got the nightrain back to bangkok. As this was a day of just travelling to Bangkok I will take this opportunity to show a few more photos from the past weeks.

Friday 28th January

Today We went to a local diving center and hired snorkels and flippers for the day and went on a boat tour. First stop was to se the 'shark' which turned out to be a complete disaster as the Ko Samui rain clouds caught up with us and the waves became huge! So we didn't stay there long and moved on to the next spot. It was a very rocky boat ride but the next spot was amazing. As we arrived the weather calmed right down and the snorkeling was amazing! Me, Lew and our new companion Sammy really enjoyed it and we found ourselves being the last ones coming in out of the sea, every dive spot we visited.

Our last stop was an island. We had to pay 100 baht to enter as it was so well kept! the sands were literally white. It reminded me a lot of the beaches in the Maldives, and the sea was full of coral and exotic fish. We went for a quick snorkel sesh, then Me, Lew and Sammy decided to climb about a million steps and then some huge stones to reach the top of the huge hill that overlooked the whole Island and got some cracking photographs! Then we headed back and had a meal together as a group and then went to an ozzy Bar and then hit up a few beach parties.

Thursday 27th January

Today was a bit of a travel day, We arrived at the ferry port in Ko Samui mid morning and had a 2 hour ride on a catermaran boat to Ko Tao. Finally some sun !! The island looked even better when the sun was out. We arrived at our very posh 5 star hotel on the beachfront, and I havn't been in such a nice hotel. I shared a room with Tom and we had the most amazing balcony with in built sofas and a 40" tv and a impressive bathroom. We concluded that this would be our nicest accomodation throughout our whole travelling trip!
We took a strole around the beach which was really nice and right on our doorstep. Later that night we all went to the beach for a bbq. Afterwards we were told that we would be attending the Famous ladyboy show!! As we were walking through the streets on the way, we were already being harrassed by ladyboys on the way, Grabbing us and trying to kiss us etc. So I decided to have a few more chang beers before going to the show.
The show was actually amazing!! I was sat in the front row but slowly made my way to the rown behind as they were trying to get the audience involved! But it was no use hiding as they asked for voulenteers, and would you believe they rushed over to me and dragged me straight up and backstage! so Lewis and Tom, being such good friends, decided to join me.
I wont tell you what we had to go through that night... You can make your own mind up from the photographs....

Wednesday 26th January

Today Me and Lewis and one of our trip buddys, Andrew decided to ride elephants. Looking out the window we were a bit apprehensive as there was huge dark grey, mean looking clouds in the sky. Anyways We decided to go ahead regardless and we were pretty much the only ones there. First we watched an elephant show, where we witnessed things like elephants doing handstands etc. Then they asked me to voulenteer for the next trick..
Basically i had to lie on the floor while an elephant put its foot on my chest! We then moved on and watched a monkey show, and thats when the heavens opened up and it ABSOLUTELY chucked it down! the rain was so hard the monkey pretty much ran away and when it did get on with the show it just wanted to get out the rain so it was a bit rubbish..
Then we took a ride on the elephants. It lasted about 45 mins and was pretty good and we all got some good photos.

Later that evening Me and Lewis went to watch the Thai boxing at the local stadium. It was 1000 baht to get in which was like 22 quid and we saw some cracking knock outs! Then we went back to the green mango for the rest of the night.

Tuesday 25th January

We had an 8am meet this morning to head out of Koh Sok national park and catch the ferry to Ko Samui. Once we reached Samui we checked in at the sandy resort hotel and I had a double room to myself. One double bed and one single with a memory foam mattress which was a bit of a problem when choosing which one to sleep in. We headed to the beach which was literally on the hotels backdoor step and Lewis and I went for a swim in the sea which was almost bath-like temperature! it then became a bit overcast which was annoying and so we had a bit of a pre dinner snack and then went for a dip in the pool.
For dinner, we went to a sort of cook it yourself bbq which was definitely an odd experience! we basically had a hot pot thing on each table and you just put your raw meat on and away you go! I was more concerned about catching some sort of food poisoning so I didn't eat a vast amount.
We then all headed out to experience the ko Samui nightlife which was amazing ! beach parties and a nightclub called 'the green mango' was our personal highlight. I ended up chatting to a group of ladies (yes they were women) and I lost the other 3 I was with. So i ended up rushing around Samui on my own trying to remember the name of my hotel to get home! Luckely Lewis found me so the taxi ride home was a bit cheaper. He was more worried than I was!