Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sunday 13th March

Today we got up early because we were finally leaving the horrible hostel! HALLELUJAH! we aren't a fussy bunch by no means (I'm happy sleeping on the ground) but we couldn't put up with another night with the other 300 people in our room (not literally) So we checked in to a new hostel called BASE which was brilliant! clean and surrounded by friendly backpackers! So we dumped our stuff and decided to go check out the legendary 'Bondi Beach'.
    On the way there we stopped of at Hyde park (not the one in London..) and had a bite to eat then got the bus to Bondi. The weather was perfect, not a single cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze so you weren't too hot! There was a surfing competition going on so as you can imagine, the beach was rammed full of people. I had heard a lot about this beach before setting off on this trip because there's a show about it on sky called Bondi rescue which I was told to watch before going there. The sea at Bondi beach is notorious for being a bit dodgy.. and when I say dodgy, I mean swimming along in what you think is shallow water and going to put your feet down and the ground has literaly dissapeared.. yeh that sort of dodgy. If you've watched the show you will know how dangerous it can be to try swimming outside of the coastguard flags.. I'm not the best swimmer anyway so I made sure I could always touch the ground and was keeping an eye out for sharks..
     Just as we were leaving we noticed a camera crew on the beach. It was the camera crew for Bondi rescue! they were actually filming an episode right next to where we were stood!

     We got the bus back to our hostel and Me and Lew decided to stay up really late to watch a rugby match in a nearby bar. All in all it was a great day!


  1. You are a really good photographer Joe :)

  2. Sounds like you're having a pretty awesome time! Is that an old photo or have you spontaneously bleached your hair..

  3. This is all from 2011 :) I've only just got around to finishing the blog off

    1. This blog has inspired me to push myself and to make myself more confident and to step outside of my comfort zone! Thankyou x

    2. Omg its ThatcherJoe back in the day ,I found you

  4. You think I would have noticed the date in the title and not the date you posted it.. oops. Looks like it was a good trip though. Reckon you'll ever go travelling again?

  5. I have send 10 days in Australia. On the sunday of my living week we went to the Sydney's beautiful beaches and enjoyed lot's of activities. This article has refreshed my memories. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. Did you actually see any sharks while in Australia?

  7. I go to Sydney for a year in May through gap 360, actually so buzzing want to go to lots of places in oz

  8. After watching Alfies blog I came here , really keen to have a look at your blog because it's different from your YouTube channel , the pictures are stunning and one day I want to travel the world just like you did . You've really inspired me

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