Sunday, 30 January 2011

Arrival - January 19th

January 19th - 2011

It took an hour and a half to reach Heathrow airport. Our flight was with Kingfisher airways which I had never heard of before but It was a nice surprise as it was a pretty posh plane. (although the films were rubbish)

we were sat in the middle section of the plane which i thought was a bit of a pain and i was sat next to the most irritating woman imaginable. I don't think she fully understood the concept of a knife and fork and preferred to just use her face instead.
We arrived at Bombay airport around 12pm. I will be honest.. it was pretty nasty, and the fact we had a lot of jet lag didn't help at all. as we flew in to Bombay you could see all the shanty towns and the sun was out but you couldn't see it because off all the smoggy haze in the sky. so thankfully we weren't there for long.

apologies for the blurry photographs... we were pretty tired.

The Plane before take off

View from the plane - Coming into Mumbai

Tired after flight

Boys after flight


  1. Bombay is not the nicest place in India, be sure to check out other parts of the country!

  2. Sounds like your having a nice time then lads.. x

  3. Hey!
    Came here from Zoe. :)

    You guys are coming to Singapore tomorrow!
    hmmm, i'm gonna say that it's not really a good time to visit because it's Chinese New Year and Singapore is pretty much a ghost town. Almost everything is closed!

    but i'm pretty sure you'll find something cool to do while you're here. :)

  4. Hey lipstick bandit :)
    Your right it is a bit of a ghost town today, but we arrived on chinese new years eve which was amazing it was packed with people and celebrations! but today it's really quiet which is still quite good in a way :) little India is still heaving with people though