Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thursday 20th January

So anyway we boarded our second kingfisher flight which wasn't nearly as posh as our first plane. It looked like it was held together with sellotape and as soon as i sat down the man ,who turned out to be a woman, decided to recline the seat as soon as she sat down... there was only Indian sitcoms to watch so Me and Lew decided to check out the indian radio stations which killed a lot of the 5 hour flight time.

We arrived in Bangkok airport at around 8pm and got a minibus to our hotel on kaoh san road. We didnt really know what to expect because on the way to the hotel we passed some dodgy looking places. but as we got closer to our hotel we saw all the market stalls and it looked amazing! with a range from fake designer watches to deep fried crickets and frogs! we are staying in the Sawasdee krungthep inn and I must say it is a nice hotel. we had 3 double beds which was good (probably the only time we have a bed to ourselves) We then decided to go out and have our first proper Thai meal. we went to a restaurant called 'stop here' the food was nice and the people that served us were also really nice. We tried the local beer called Chang and then headed out to the main strip of kaoh san road. The one thing that is really annoying about here is that you cant cross the road without being pestered by tuk tuk drivers trying to take you to see a 'ping pong show' but i'm sure we will get used to it. We then went to a local Thai bar called 999 west which was brilliant. Live music and we got to know the band quite well and ended up singing with them on stage. We were also the only non Thai people in there which was even better. After it closed we then went back to our hotel but it took us a lot longer to get there because of everyone trying to sell us stuff and getting chased by ladyboys
what a first night !

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  1. You all look like you had a great time, I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! (Also, first! :D)