Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Friday 4th March

We woke up and decided to walk to the most easterly point in Australia! The walk was really long and the weather was still rubbish! we thought we had got there but turned a corner and saw that it was still miles and miles away so decided to sit on the bench nearby and just enjoy the views of 'near the most easterly point in Aus' On the way back we decided to walk back via the beach, which was about 10 times faster than the way we had come! After we got off the beach we went into a few shops and then went to get dinner and another box of goon. We got back and cooked our dinner then had a few cups of wine in our room. We got chatting to some of the people from the room nextdoor and we all went out into town together. We went to a few bars together then headed back to our hostel around 2am.


  1. I was in Byron Bay last week and also went to the most easterly point in Aus (assuming you mean the lighthouse) and the view was amazing! There was even a pod of dolphins close to the shore and a goat on the side of the mountain.

  2. I cannot believe how much goon you guys were drinking.. It's absolutely feral hahah.

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