Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sunday 6th March

We got up this morning around 9 am and had breakfast. Finally we had some Sun!! Typical.. the day we were leaving Byron, we get nice weather.. Me and Lewis decided to walk to the beach and get some photographs of Byron bay Beach as we hadn't taken many photos due to bad weather! We then caught our bus out to a very small town called Woolgoolga. The bus driver wouldn't let me on the bus with a 'singlet' on (vest) so I had to open my bag up and put a t shirt on before I could get on! The trip was around 2 hours and would you believe it, as we arrived.. It started raining! From Woolgoolga, we got a shuttle bus to Spot X. Spot X is a surf camp right next to the beach. We paid 80 dollars for 2 nights accommodation and breakfast, lunch and dinner vouchers. We stayed in a cabin, which was a nice change from a hostel. We met the other people in our cabin and then Lewis and Tom went for a surf. Your supposed to pay around 15 dollars for surfboard hire, But for the whole duration of our stay at Spot x we just took the surfboards without paying and so saved us a small fortune! After the surf sesh, the three of us and our other room mated had dinner, which was amazing! such huge portions and it was an ENGLISH ROAST! which i've missed a lot! After dinner we all had a game of killer pool with our new roomies and then one of the surf instructors joined it. In the end I won (of course) and we decided to go to bed as we had to be up early to catch the morning surf.


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