Friday, 11 March 2011

Thursday 24th February

Today we went for another amazing breakfast nextdoor to our hostel. After breakfast, Lewis and myself decided to go book the fishing boat for 3 hours at 1pm. We walked back and me and Tom decided to chill in the hostel, while Lewis went for another surf attempt. 1pm arrived. The guy gave us a packet of shrimps, 3 rods and brief instructions on how to drive the boat. We started off driving over to a bank and trying our luck there, which resulted in lewis teasing the smallest fish in the world into a bucket using a bit of bait... Technically it counted as "catching a fish" so Lew was winning 1-0-0. I managed to get my line completely tangled after a cast and so after a few angry rants, we headed back to get my rig sorted. We then headed out to a bridge and decided to cast out our bait under the bridge (mainly because it was raining) As I threw the anchor out, the sun came out and it was baking hot. Then my luck started to change. Withing minutes I caught 2 fish! Something wish nasty looking teeth and a puffer fish! after my success, we had to go back as our three hours were up. But we had a lot of fun driving the boat back to the jetty! We got back and decided to all go to the beach for the remainder of the evening. We then all decided to go for a food shop. I suggested we watched the sunset on the jetty, which was pretty amazing, untill out of nowhere, a huge raincould came and nearly drowned us...


  1. hey there. hows the travelling going? any chance going to indonesia or malaysia?

  2. The guys have caused enough trouble with the weather in Ausy and NZ. without upsetting any other countries Keep up the Blog Joe.
    Love G/Dad. x

  3. what has happened, no Blog. Joe, you must be enjoying yourselves.But no photos and I,ve got nothing to read.
    G/dad. x

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