Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Thursday 3rd March

We had to be up and ready to catch our Greyhound bus to Byron Bay at 11.20 this morning. The journey was around 2-3 hours long which wasn't too bad. We arrived in Byron and we hadn't booked any hostel, so we wondered around for ages looking for one with spaces. We were walking for ages in the humid heat which was horrible. Not what you want after a 3 hour coach drive! We finally arrived at a hostel which was right next to the beach which was good! We got settled in our room and went out to get some lunch. We took our lunch down to the beach and sat on the rocks and watched some hippy woman on drugs beat up an abbo, which was a bit of entertainment. We walked to the shops and bought dinner for later and spent the rest of the evening in the hostel as the weather was horrible today.


  1. I actually love byron bay! its so funny as soon as i arrived there a guy with dreadlocks road past me on a unicycle haha thats how you know you're in the right place!
    there a loads of really nice backpackers there! i always try and make friends with the british or irish ones (mainly for the accents)

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