Friday, 11 March 2011

Wednesday 23rd February

We got up early today, because today we were going to visit AUSTRALIA ZOO! We went to the cafe nextdoor for a free breakfast (part of the hostel deal) which was really nice. Best breakfast so far on our travels! We walked to the nearest bus stop and waited for the over the top yellow coach roll up with a huge photo of Steve Irwin on the side. We climbed aboard and sat in our seats covered in Australian animals and headed off to the zoo which is around 2 hours from Noosa. To pass the time of the journey, the coach was equipped with several screens playing episodes from 'The crocodile hunter' It was actually quite fun. We arrived at the zoo around 9.30 am and it was almost empty! We walked around and saw a few crocs etc then made our way to the photobooth where you can hold a Koala and a Croc for 30 dollars. We thought "why not, your only here once" so went for it. Everyone was complaining the Koala stank, but I didn't actually think it smelt that bad! (probably because I smelt worse) It also decided to relieve itself on Tom's T shirt. We then went to the "Crocoseum" which is a big arena where they preform live croc shows. Was a bit of a let down to be hounest, so we were glad that we didn't have to pay to watch it! Would have been a lot better if Steve Irwin was there I'm sure! We then went to the kangaroo park where we bought some 'roo feed' for $2, which turned out to be the best $2 I've ever spent! The kangaroo's just bounded over to us and we were swamped with them all eating food out of our hands! I decided that after feeding them, I wanted to keep one, put a saddle on it and just ride it around back in the UK .. (don't think I will be allowed though .. ) We explored the rest of the zoo and fed elephants etc. One of the highlights of the day was this bird, who we nicknamed Marcus, chasing overweight children trying to peck them. We were crying with laughter at the mums and dads trying to shoo it away while it tried to attack their kids!
We left the Zoo at 4.30 and returned back to Noosa to sort out dinner. Overall, I actually quite enjoyed the zoo today. I'm not normally a 'zoo person' I think the fact I havn't visited a zoo in so long made it a bit more enjoyable, but the fact it was the legendary Steve Irwins zoo made it a must see! It was like a massive shrine to the guy though, which was a little bit creepy, but still.. you have to go to this zoo if you are in the area.


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