Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Saturday 19th February

Woke up this morning in a boiling hot tent, so there was definitely no lie in today! We all had breakfast together and set off to another lake. This lake was an orangy brown colour, because it was full of teatree oil. It was really good for you skin and hair apparently. We all had a morning swim and there were baby turtles everywhere at first, before we all jumped in and scared them away. We managed to push Lewis down to the bottom of the lake to see how deep it was and he surfaced having churned the bottom up, which created the most vile smell so we decided to all get out. Our second stop was another Sandblow. It wasn't as good as the lake Wabbi sand blow because we couldn't walk on it (you wouldn't want to as the sand temp was around 40-50 degrees) and it was difficult to see as there were a lot of trees in the way. But it was still huge and really impressive.
We went back to camp and had lunch, then we set off to a place called the Champagne Pools, which is the only area on Fraser Island that you can swim in the sea, well little sea pools, as the rest of the sea is so dangerous. Lewis stood in a tiny pool and managed to fall over and break his camera, where as Tom took full advantage and went off snapping photos left right and center. It was a nice place, but quite busy. We then went to Indians head which is a huge cliff face which gives you the most amazing views of the whole island. This was definitely my highlight of today. From the top you can spot stingrays in the sea and turtles, it was great. We walked back down to the 4x4 jeep and then shot off along the beach to another fresh water spring that runs into the sea. This was absolutely freezing! and as we were all still a bit tired from today, we dunked ourselves under and it woke us up straight away! We spent a bit of time here and then decided to call it a day and head back to the campsite and cook dinner and get straight back on the goon. We sat around the campfire again, and decided to walk to the beach and lie there and watch the stars (bit cheesy) pretty much everyone fell asleep on the beach for a while. Then we headed back to our tents.


  1. everything sounds stunning! :)
    sounds like you're all really enjoying yourselves, thanks for all the posts!

    ps.just noticed you guys are going to New Zealand christ church but with that horrible earthquake what are you guys gonna do instead?

  2. We were planning on spending a night in Base hostel, but it's closed untill further notice.. Luckily, Tom has contacts in Christchurch who have a spare room for us all :) ... but not me haha

  3. well done Joe,keep the Blog coming. Get your sister to download a few interesting P/graphs.Love G/dad,x.

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