Friday, 11 March 2011

Sunday 20th February

This morning we had our breakfast around 8ish and our first stop was the famous Maheno ship wreck This was an old WWII ship that was being towed to Japan for scrappage but it crashed on Fraser island and has been washed up on the shore ever since. The tide was in when we went to see it, so we couldn't get inside and have a close look. Lewis, who's camera was broken decided to just roll around in the sea and he then lost his sunglasses he bought from Thailand.. (Not the best luck over the past 2 days!) We then returned to the fresh water spring that we visited the previous day. We decided to swim up the stream and go for a bit of an explore. We then dried off and had a game of cricket on the beach, which I do believe I won! We then went for lunch at a little cafe. After our brief stop for lunch, we visited another stream, but this was a teatree oil stream (like the lake from the other day) we went for a swim in the stream and then it was time to leave Fraser island. on the drive back, we spotted wild dolphins jumping out the water right next to where we were going to catch our ferry back! We stopped and tried to lure them over to us, but I think they just got scared and swam away. We headed back to rainbow beach and went to the supermarket to buy our dinner for the night. After dinner there were a few bets being placed on games of Uno by Lew and Tom.. This resulted in both stripping naked, walking through a room full of people watching a film and jumping in the swimming pool.. and they were sober! We were all pretty shattered from all the swimming over the last few days, so decided to have an early night.


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