Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Saturday 26th February

We were woken up by Amy and Sam at 7.30 (waayyy to early!) Sam had to go to work today, so missed out on the waterpark. Jess had to fly back to her work today so we got ready to leave at 8ish and said goodbye to Jess. So Me,Lew,Tom,Bec and Amy drove to wet n' wild water park. We had to put up with the girls singing in the car for around 40 minutes until we arrived. It was a really nice day and it was a Saturday, so as you can imagine, the water park was packed! it was a brilliant day though! The main slide was closed today which was a shame, but we did all the other slides in the park which was good! We left around half 4 ish and drove back to Bec's house. We were all shattered from riding all those slides so just crashed on their sofas for a good hour or so. Louise (Bec & Jess's Mum) made us the best cheese ham and tomato toasties ever which woke us up a bit!
We then decided to go out into town again tonight, so we packed some clothes together and went to Amy's house. We bought another box of goon and some dinner to cook at Amy's house. We spent the majority of the night waiting for a maxi taxi to come and collect us from Amy's house to take us into town. We were waiting on her drive for nearly an hour! It finally arrived and we went into Brisbane town. We got to the bar/club and decided to ring up one of the travellers we had met in Airlie beach (Jonatan) He was also staying in Brisbane and wanted to meet up with us all. He arrived at the bar shortly after us and we all had a great night. We went back to Amy's around 3 am and decided to watch Harry Potter for a while then we all decided it was time to go to bed as it was starting to get light outside!


  1. Wet'n'Wild is legit a 1 minute drive from my house WHAT

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