Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sunday 27th February

We all got up pretty late and not feeling 100%. Bec had work at 1pm so Amy dropped Me, Tom and Lewis off in the main city of Brisbane. We walked to a place called Southbank which is the place where the lagoon is. It wasn't open though because of the destruction caused by the recent flooding.
We wondered around for a while reading about the floods etc and got approached by a news reporter for channel 7 and a camera man. They wanted a brief interview with me. I didn't have a clue about the flooding at all, but they insisted I gave my thoughts on what had happened.. I don't think they used my interview in the final cut though! We spent a lot of the day sat by the river people watching, which is really enjoyable in Brisbane as there is a lot of nutters there! We decided to buy Jess and Bec's parents a bottle of wine, flowers and a card to say thankyou for letting us stay with them and for feeding us, but more importantly letting us wash our horrible travellers clothes in their washing machine! We then went back to the Treby house. We Then all got ready to go out again to a place called 'the fox' where they did steaks for something stupid like $2 !! Me, Lew, Tom, Sam, Amy and Bec got dropped off in town. Turns out they stopped doing $2 steaks just before we arrived which was a shame. We then ended up going to Mcdonalds instead. We also decided to go back to Bec's house, rather than go out to a bar. So we headed back to the house and just spent the rest of the evening at the Treby's which was nice.


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