Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monday 7th March

Woke up this morning freezing cold because my duvet smelt vile when I went to go to bed last night so I threw it on the floor and just slept in my sleeping bag liner. The weather still wasn't great outside.. We got up and had breakfast which was also a huge portion. We then put our boardies and rashies, and went for a morning surf. I've never surfed before in my life and we decided not to bother with lessons and just do the 'Lewis Jones crash course on surfing' Turned out to be a good course as I was catching waves and standing up within minutes! We were out in the surf for a good 2 hours before we got bored and decided to come in for some lunch ( unlimited sandwiches .. can't go wrong!) By this time all the clouds had disappeared and all we had for the rest of the day was baking hot sunshine! We went back out for an evening surf then came back in for dinner. After dinner there was a massive game of musical chairs involving the whole surf camp which was a laugh.Then I went back to fresh bedding! What a day!


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