Friday, 11 March 2011

Tuesday 22nd February

We got up early and checked out of Pippies hostel. We then had a fairly long bus drive to Noosa. We had perfect weather for Fraser Island, but the day we left it poured down.. which was lucky! We arrived in Noosa around midday We checked into a hostel called Noosa backpackers resort which was a nice hostel. Lewis rented out a surfboard and me and Tom decided to walk to town to check it out. Although I've never been to Miami, Noosa kind of reminds me of what Miami looks like (in photos) It's quite a posh, well kept area. We had a look in the shops and then met up with Lewis on the beach. We got a free shuttle bus back to our hostel and Tom fell asleep. So me and Lewis decided to go find the local supermarket. We were walking along the riverside and noticed a sign for hiring fishing boats/rods & bait for only $70! The place was shut, but we decided to take a mental note of the place and come back tomorrow to check it out. Turns out that the supermarket is miles and miles away, so we had a long walk to do over the next couple of days!


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