Thursday, 24 February 2011

Friday 18th February

We got up really early and packed our daysacks, as we couldn't take our huge rucksacks with us. We then had to check over our 4x4's and check there was no damage. It was baking hot and we just wanted to hit the road. We finally got going after an hour or so and got the ferry to Fraser Island! As none of us were 21 yet, we couldn't drive the 4x4.. but we still had an awesome time being thrown around the jeep when we hit all the dips and bumps in the road and sand. Fraser island is the biggest sand island in the world, and so there were long durations of time where we were just driving along the beach. Our first stop was one of the biggest, if not biggest fresh water lake in the world.. or Australia I can't remember. But the lake was amazing. I remember doing a handstand and taking a big gulp of water down, and it literally tasted of Evian! The clouds came in unfortunately which didn't make the lake look as blue. But we played a bit of vollyball with the other lads on the trip and got to know them. Our next stop was a lake called lake Wabbi. Now this lake was my favourite. We all had to walk through a rainforest for around 40 mintutes, but you come to a huge clearing which was a massive sandblow, like a mini desert in the middle of the rainforest, which was amazing! I've never seen anything like it before in my life. there was a massive sand slope which was very steep and at the bottom was a lake full with turtles and catfish. We sprinted down the sand slope and jumped straight in the lake. It was brilliant. We then all headed back and arrived at our camp around 5 pm. It was the only campsite on Fraser Island that allowes you to make a campfire, as it is Aborigionie territory. The only rules were that you couldn't whistle, and you were not allowed to spit in the campfire.. Our group did a barbeque (had enough burgers to feed the whole camp!) We then opened up the goon and had a good night around the campfire. I somehow ended up waking up next to my tent with 3 dingo's sniffing at my feet. I was so drunk, I didn't realise that they were dangerous, wild animals and not just your average dog.. But still I'm still alive to tell the tale.


  1. great blog. i love travelling and i love australia, some of my friends live there. what's your fave country?


  2. haha glad you are enjoying Australia, I'm from brisbane:)have you been to Australia zoo or anything yet? how amazingly beautiful is fraser? x

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