Friday, 4 February 2011

Monday 31st January

Today we had a pretty Lazy day In Bangkok, as after about 3 days of the place you literally run out of things to do, and its not the most pleasant place to stay for a long time anyway. But we wondered around the markets again and got a few bits and peices. We then found a gym and spent a few hours in there and I experienced a steam room and sauna for the first time which was interesting..
I must say, it was a bit of a detox after the weeks of sleeping on trains and bus's and drinking Chang and Singah beer. So I was feeling pretty refreshed afterwards.

Later that evening the three of us met up with Andy and Lorna (2 of the group members from the trip) and we had dinner, together which was nice. Then the time finally arrived to experience whats known as a 'Ping Pong Show' Now I won't explain what it is or tell you what we witnessed .. and fortunately cameras wern't allowed.. which is a good thing for you lot!
So after the show we left white faced and a bit queezy and met up with Ning the girl from our hotel and her friend mint. We went to a few bars and nightclubs in Khao San. Then Some of us went home, and Ning and Mint took me and Lewis to a proper Thai nightclub. It was a bit intimidating as EVERYONE there was Thai and we were the only non Thai's there ... But they all seemed to love us and we got back in at 6.30 in the morning which sort of proves we had an amazing time there.

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