Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sunday 23rd January

Today we had to be up pretty early as the three of us, and two others from our group had to meet with First (our group leader) and go to the dock to catch a traditional Thai boat to the floating market. Only 2 members of the travelling boys made it as one was feeling a bit worse for ware after last nights shinanigans. So we walked down to the dock and got on the boat. You start of on the main river and It was quite a bumpy ride! at some points it felt like the boat was about to snap in two which was a bit scary. But our driver seemed pretty relaxed so we wern't that worried. The boat stopped for a while which have us the chance to buy some bread and feed the huge catfish that surrounded our boat. We were told by First that one of his other group members once lost a finger by feeding the catfish which didn't help!
We then arrived to the floating market which was pretty impressive all the different colours and smells were amazing (not all smells though ..) we bought some strawberries and sugar, but I think the Thai version of sugar is just salt.. unless the woman got a bit confussed. We also tried some traditional spring rolls, pork satay and some squid dish.
After we had arrived back and on dry land we decided as a 4 to go to the wat po temple, which is the home of the famous reclining buddah. The buddah itself wasnt that impressive but it was huge!! I was more impressed by the buildings and temples in the surrounding grounds. There was so much detail it's unreal. We then went back to the hotel but the traffic was insane, literally not moving because of the Chinese market. So we decided to get out the taxi and just walk it. It took us about an hours walk through the humid streets of Bangkok to finally arive back at our hotel and our first priority was to dip our feet in the pool.
We then left for the train station and had dinner. We got on the train at about 9pm and we're expected to reach our destination at about 9am .. wish us luck .


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  2. I totally agree with you about the version of sugar, even though I'm Thai.
    I hope you will come back here again :)

  3. And I promise you will not get caught by the police, Joe.