Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Saturday 22nd January

Today we woke up pretty late, and had to check out of our hotel before 12. we just about managed this and left to find our new hotel (Bankok center hotel) we flagged down a taxi and he wanted 100 baht (2 pounds) to take us there. But as we were driving along he realised he had no clue where the hotel was. so what should have been a 2 minute journey took 2 and a half hours!! Good job we didn't ask him to put the meter on!
We finally arrived at the new hotel, which is the hotel we were staying in for the first 2 nights to get to know our group for the trip down to southern Thailand. We were a bit anxious about our group members, hoping that they would be quite young and up for a laugh. Thankfully they were! we all went out for a meal together at a local restaurant with our group leader, First. After the meal we decided to go for a few drinks as a group and ended up eating fried frogs, fried crickets and glow worms! I must say the worms were really nice and so were the frogs. Oh and no one was sick which was a bonus. After we all got well and truely 'chang'd up', a few of us decided to hit the town and we ended up having a tuk tuk race to Khao san road. The boys beat the girls, due to our tuk tuk driver running a red light! and the ride back was even more crazy ! the driver was popping wheelies in a tuk tuk ( I know i didnt think it was possible either!)

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  1. really like the updates.
    interested in going to thailand now :L