Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Friday the 21st January

Today we woke up pretty late (around about 11 am) and went for a stroll around the markets. We went back to 'stop here' for breakfast, well lunch... and then we finally gave in to the tuk tuk drivers nagging and decided to have a tour of bangkok. We were already aware of their little schemes and knew at some point they would take us to a few suit shops so they could get a coupon.
Our first stop was the Giant buddah which was pretty interesting and we were told about how the locals save up to buy gold leaves to stick to the statue of the buddah untill it it covered in gold leaves. From here we then went to the "lucky buddah" which we were told was only open to the public for one day a year and guess what ! today was that day ... Me and Tom knew straight away that this wasnt true but Lewis was won over. The so called school teacher then went on to say how this was the best buddah in Thailand and then somehow managed to change the convosation onto some suit shop. So it became obvious he was in on the suit scam too. (but lewis still believed it all)
So then we were taken to this suit shop and I must admit it was a bit tempting but we didn't give in and left empty handed. We then went to another temple, which we had to climb about a thousand steps to get to! but we got some really good photographs so it was worth it.
Later that evening we got chatting to our hotel receptionist (Ning) and she ended up coming out with us for the night as she needed to get some food. We all went to a few bars, one of which I got harrassed by some vile Thai woman so I had to explain to her that I had a wife and kids. We shortly left and then took Ning home and went back to our hotel.