Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monday 7th February

We woke up at 7 and got the coach north to Port Douglas. This is apparently the best place to go to see the Great barrier reef. It was a 2 hour coach drive, but I actually enjoyed it as the sun was finally out! and it was a coastal road so the scenery was pretty awesome. We got on the 'super sonic' boat and departed the port. whilst on the boat, Myself and Lewis had to fill out scuba diving forms just incase we died or went missing! We arrived at the reef and had to watch a safety video, where they explained that if you hold your breath while accending, your lungs would explode and you would die ... right. So We both got kitted up in all the scuba gear and jumped in the sea. The water temperature was 28 degrees! Luckily we had a expert instuctor all to ourselves which was good. At first I stuggled with the whole 'don't hold your breath' concept, but after a while I had mastered it and it was AMAZING! completely different to snorkelling and it feels unreal! our dive was for 30 minutes, and then we all went for a snorkell together. We moved to the next spot and we all went for another snorkel sesh together. I lost the other 2 and ended up swimming with a turtle! then my luck got even better and the other turtles mate turned up and I basically watched them get it on.. which is apparently really rare! The third and final stop was another amazing reef. Me and Lewis decided to fork out another 40 bucks each and do another dive. This dive was even better than the first. We went deeper and were down for a lot longer. It was a really strange feeling swimming alongside a huge wall of coral, and I saw a nemo! We then headed back and had a rocky boat ride back to dry land. We got back and were so shattered from all the swimming we didn't stay awake for long.

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