Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wednesday 26th January

Today Me and Lewis and one of our trip buddys, Andrew decided to ride elephants. Looking out the window we were a bit apprehensive as there was huge dark grey, mean looking clouds in the sky. Anyways We decided to go ahead regardless and we were pretty much the only ones there. First we watched an elephant show, where we witnessed things like elephants doing handstands etc. Then they asked me to voulenteer for the next trick..
Basically i had to lie on the floor while an elephant put its foot on my chest! We then moved on and watched a monkey show, and thats when the heavens opened up and it ABSOLUTELY chucked it down! the rain was so hard the monkey pretty much ran away and when it did get on with the show it just wanted to get out the rain so it was a bit rubbish..
Then we took a ride on the elephants. It lasted about 45 mins and was pretty good and we all got some good photos.

Later that evening Me and Lewis went to watch the Thai boxing at the local stadium. It was 1000 baht to get in which was like 22 quid and we saw some cracking knock outs! Then we went back to the green mango for the rest of the night.


  1. wow wow wow it all sounds so cool :)
    You guys have done loads!
    Cant wait to see the pictures, keep up the posts really enjoying them thanks for sharing :) lol
    just wondering what's like communicating with the locals? :)

  2. I know we just dont stop! thats why it's so hard to keep the blog up haha. As soon as i get my hands on a better computer i shall be uploading loads of photos for you all :) I found that chatting to the locals in Thailand was a good experience they all know at least basic English and are always smiley and happy to talk to you which is one of the reasons I loved Thailand so much. Here in Singapore it's a bit different. Its a lot more western like so everyone sort of keeps to themselves :/