Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tuesday 25th January

We had an 8am meet this morning to head out of Koh Sok national park and catch the ferry to Ko Samui. Once we reached Samui we checked in at the sandy resort hotel and I had a double room to myself. One double bed and one single with a memory foam mattress which was a bit of a problem when choosing which one to sleep in. We headed to the beach which was literally on the hotels backdoor step and Lewis and I went for a swim in the sea which was almost bath-like temperature! it then became a bit overcast which was annoying and so we had a bit of a pre dinner snack and then went for a dip in the pool.
For dinner, we went to a sort of cook it yourself bbq which was definitely an odd experience! we basically had a hot pot thing on each table and you just put your raw meat on and away you go! I was more concerned about catching some sort of food poisoning so I didn't eat a vast amount.
We then all headed out to experience the ko Samui nightlife which was amazing ! beach parties and a nightclub called 'the green mango' was our personal highlight. I ended up chatting to a group of ladies (yes they were women) and I lost the other 3 I was with. So i ended up rushing around Samui on my own trying to remember the name of my hotel to get home! Luckely Lewis found me so the taxi ride home was a bit cheaper. He was more worried than I was!


  1. i went to Ko Samui when i was quite young, and the one thing ill never forget is how HOT the sea water was, amzing !! really need to re visit that place its incredible! :)

  2. Also who did you book your trip with? I'm looking at doing this in a years time ( 2016 ) and not sure who to go with to book it up ! :) x