Sunday, 20 February 2011

Wednesday 9th February

Today surprise surpise we woke up pretty late with a bit of a hangover and therefor had a bit of a chill day down at the lagoon. We went out and checked out the mall aswell. Basically did the same as the previous days before we went to the great barrier reef. Cairns really isn't as good as it's made out to be. It's a lot smaller than I thought and all there is to do in the day, is just go down to the lagoon. We did our usual free meals at the hostel and the wool shed and then went to the bus stop to get our ride out of Cairns to Townsville. We got there and there was no sign of our bus... turns out it was cancelled due to the bad road conditions (cyclone damage) so we ended up walking round Cairns at night looking for the cheapest hostel possible for the night. We checked in to a hostel called Global Backpackers which wasn't actually that bad! it was a lot closer to the lagoon, so we dumped our rucksacks in the dorm and went for a night swim. We then had a walk around and ended up checking out a night market which sold lots of authentic aboriginal arts and crafts...Didn't buy anything though.. we're backpackers!


  1. Joe! I live in Cairns but I'm from Sydney's a shame that you couldn't of stayed longer.You should've visited Kuranda which is like a mountain rainforesty place where hippies sell their stuff and port douglas the drive there is the most amazing thing..the waters are crystal blue and the mountains are gorgeous.

    If you were stuck in the city believe me you were right to be underwhelmed.

    Its weird that I sent you this really long response

  2. I lived in Cairns until I was 17 and can see why you might think there was nothing to do. But I think that mainly stems from exploring it on a strict budget and also following Cyclone Yasi it was pretty crazy for a bit! If you have a fair bit of money to spend there's actually heaps and heaps or really amazing and fun things to do! Shame you couldn't experience that.

  3. I live in Cairns and its actually amazing when you know whats around! There's plenty to do on the table lands, up at Port Douglas and there is good swimming places all around. As said in a previous comment cyclone Yasi was big and very damaging so the town was still getting back on it's feet. If you came back again there is heaps to do! I can definitely see where you're coming from though it is very small and tourism probably talks it uup way too much to be something its not haha

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