Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday 16th February

All woke up with a goon hangover (bit different to the usual hangover) and went down to reception and booked 'scooteroo'. I saw the leaflet and thought it looked amazing so we went for it and booked it. We all lounged around untill 3pm, except for Lew who went to the beach for a swim. Once we got picked up we were taken to scooteroo HQ where we got kitted out with flame leather jackets and a helmet, also covered in flames. (not real flames .. that would just be dangerous..) We even got fake tattoos to complete the 'badass biker look'. We then chose our ride for the evening and all three of us decided to get on the more advanced choppers with the high handlebars. We really looked the part! We had a long ride on the roads to get used to the bikes and then we ended up all cruising as a pack through Agnes Water town to the quieter roads to spot some kangaroos. It didn't take long before we spotted them! Before this, for me, I never really felt like I was in Australia but once I saw the roos while cruising down an empty road with red sand everywhere I definitely knew I was in Aus. Me, Tom and Lew then had a little race along all the roads which involved a lot of big overtakes. We found ourselves overtaking 5 or 6 bikes at a time. It was amazing! We all rode to the only pub in 1770 which sits just across the road from the Sea. We had a bikers snack of wedges with sour creme and sweet chilli sauce and sat on the rocks and watched the sun set over the sea. It was unreal. Our sunset seeing was cut short though, as the lead biker guy said "we have to go, theres a storm coming.." Now I didn't hear this (well Lew didn't tell me .. probably on purpose) and we set off. I wondered why a lot of people had their jackets all zipped up. Then the rain absolutely hammered down. Good job I still had my sunglasses on otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see a thing! I was completely soaked from head to toe. Then all the bikes started conking out, due to water getting into the air filter. Tom's bike went first. Lewis' bike next, but mine made it all the way back to the scooteroo hq !! out of about 35 bikers, only 10 or so made it back. They gave us free professional photographs as a way of saying sorry. But I think I can speak on behalf of Lewis and Tom when I say that this was the best experience of Australia so far! AMAZING!


  1. I got the link for this blog from Zoella's latest video, and as soon as I read the first sentence in this blog I knew you had to be in Australia (which is where I'm from). Hope you have an amazing time here!

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