Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tuesday 15th February

The night journey on the bus was a lot worse than the previous journey. I didn't sleep anywhere near as much as I would have liked. We arrived in Agnes water/1770 (weird name for a place ey?) at 9 am and we were all pretty shattered. We booked into a really nice hostel that was pretty much empty. The three of us were put into a 10 bed dorm, that was also completely empty so we had a lot of space for once. Then we stumbled across the blonde hair dye that the other two bought back in Airlie Beach. We decided to dye their hair, but the outcome wasn't so good and didn't look anything like the beautiful blonde woman on the box! It was fine for me because I didn't do it so I had something to laugh at every time I looked at them. After they got over the fact they were certified gingers now, we all walked to the beach. The surf was pretty impressive and the sun was shining so we had a nice day there. We got back to our hostel to find that George (lad we met in Cairns) had checked into our dorm! small world ey? and so we all cooked dinner and then went out and bought some goon (Cheap Australian wine) we had a drunken game of monopoly and ended up taking an empty bin out with us and went frog hunting with our head torches on. It was sort of like a wimpy version of Steve Irwins Croc Hunter.. Anyway we caught a lot of frogs and toads and then the police turned up.. well the village sherrif. Lewis hid in the hedge with the bucket and I went over and spoke to the policeman. He just was wondering what we were up to and I replied " oh were just looking for a bar" and he bought my story and went away. We then took all the frogs back and released them .... all over my head .. Then we obviously showered and hit the hay.

*no frogs/toads were harmed in the froghunt*


  1. Haha this story made me laugh so much! Reminds me of a head torch adventure me and my friends had in the middle of the night in a djungle in Ecuador!

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