Friday, 4 February 2011

Tuesday 1st February

Today we had the ultimate lazy day. Literally woke up at 12ish got some food and strolled around the markets again bartering with the locals and trying to get the biggest bargain possible. We came back to our hotel around 4 ish and slept untill 7 and then went out for our last meal in Thailand. We decided we had to go back to good ol' stop here, as that was the place where we had our first meal. The waitress that we became quite friendly with gave us a round of free drinks which was nice of her, and we stayed for a few games of pool and then did our last walk around Khao San road before getting an early night for the flight tomorrow.

We arrived back at the hotel and Tom and Lewis went to bed as we had a 6 o clock in the moring start to get to the airport. I was about to join them when Ning decided she wanted to take me to a traditional Thai night market. I was told about the night markets before I left for Thailand so definitely wanted to experience one so i decided to join her aslong as we were back by half 1. It was a bit of a strange experience to see all these stalls selling a range of items from swords, tazers and knifes, to those eye contact lenses that make your eyes look huge (the ones that are banned in the uk) But what I found the most odd was the fact that all the people were so awake and it felt like it was day time. Ning told me that they would just sleep in the daytime and wake up for the market. So they basically live nocturnal lives just to sell their goods! We left the market and got held up in traffic for what seemed like hours. So we arrived back at about half 2 in the morning. I said my goodbyes and headed straight to bed thinking to myself that the flight tomorrow is going to kill me if I dont sleep now.


  1. Hi Joe, just went through your thai trip.It looks great.I will be going to bangkok and phuket next month for about 2 weeks so i was wondering if you have any advice for a budget traveller. how much was the expense for a day just including the food and travelling? And if you have any recommendations that will be great.

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