Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thursday 27th January

Today was a bit of a travel day, We arrived at the ferry port in Ko Samui mid morning and had a 2 hour ride on a catermaran boat to Ko Tao. Finally some sun !! The island looked even better when the sun was out. We arrived at our very posh 5 star hotel on the beachfront, and I havn't been in such a nice hotel. I shared a room with Tom and we had the most amazing balcony with in built sofas and a 40" tv and a impressive bathroom. We concluded that this would be our nicest accomodation throughout our whole travelling trip!
We took a strole around the beach which was really nice and right on our doorstep. Later that night we all went to the beach for a bbq. Afterwards we were told that we would be attending the Famous ladyboy show!! As we were walking through the streets on the way, we were already being harrassed by ladyboys on the way, Grabbing us and trying to kiss us etc. So I decided to have a few more chang beers before going to the show.
The show was actually amazing!! I was sat in the front row but slowly made my way to the rown behind as they were trying to get the audience involved! But it was no use hiding as they asked for voulenteers, and would you believe they rushed over to me and dragged me straight up and backstage! so Lewis and Tom, being such good friends, decided to join me.
I wont tell you what we had to go through that night... You can make your own mind up from the photographs....