Sunday, 20 February 2011

Friday 11th February

We actually managed to wake up in the morning today which was an achievement! We slapped on the factor 15 (40 for Tom) and decided to go check out Airlie Beach. I'm not too sure why they call it 'Airlie Beach' because the beach here isn't that great. Dorset's better! but still it's such a nice, clean place. Soo much better than Cairns by a long way. We then checked out the lagoon, which was also a lot better than Cairns's lagoon. We stayed there for a while and would you believed it, bumped into the couple we shared a dorm with in Cairns! It was nice to see them again and we had a bit of a catch up and we arranged to go for drinks together at the hostel's bar.
We met up with them around 8ish, after we had cooked our own dinner in the most disgusting kitchen I've ever been in.. I was afraid to use the knives and forks in case I caught something. But we make a tonne of pasta and then met up with the couple we met in Cairns. We had a few drinks and got pretty merry and ended up going to a nightclub. They wouldn't let Lewis in because he was wearing a vest, and so we went back to the dorm and then ended up going to some other bar instead of the nightclub, due to cheaper drinks. We met a load of crazy Aussies and two German girls who took me and Lewis back to their campervan (because we want to know what they are like because we want to get one for Nz) We checked it out and cooked even more pasta and then walked back and met this nice Mauri girl who worked on a boat in Airlie. We sat on a bench and chatted to her for about 2 hours then Lew and myself decided to call it a night as we wanted to be up early tomorrow.


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