Sunday, 20 February 2011

Thursday 10th February

Today we got up really early and checked out of Global packpackers and hoorayy, Our bus was there waiting! We had a 6 hour coach journey to Townsville, Which I managed to sleep through most of. When I was awake I saw a lot of destruction from the recent cyclone. Looked terrible!
We stayed in Townsville for around 10 minutes and then had another 6 hour Journey to Airlie Beach which was a bit more of a drag, but I still slept through most of it (so much for looking out the window and seeing the Australian scenery!) We arrived in Airlie around 8pm and it was absolutely chucking it down! Good job I was wearing flip flops. We went to a hostel called Nomads, who told us that it was cheaper next door, so we thought okay cya and went next door to a hostel called beaches which was actually quite good. It had a huge, cheap bar which everyone used, even people from other hostels and our dorms were really nice. We were all pretty shattered, even me who had about 13 hours sleep today, but we decided to have a early night and see what Airlie had to offer tomorrow.


  1. Aww you only got ten minutes in the best city of Australia, poor guy...

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