Thursday, 3 February 2011

Monday 24th January

We arrived at the other train station in southern Thailand at around 8am in the morning. I had the top bunk in the night train which meant that it was right next to the light on the ceiling and it rocked about twice as much as the lower bunk. So as you might guess I didn't get much sleep and I wasn't feeling to good in at the other end. I cant remember the place we arrived in but it wasn't the nicest of places we have visited so far! We had breakfast and then got a bus to Koh Sok national park. The rainforest itself is older than the Amazon! It was a very nice place and I had my own Hut to myself which was right next to the river than ran through the rainforest. We got settled and then met up for lunch and to decide on what to do in the afternoon. A majority of the group decided to ride elephants where as myself and the few remaining decided to go 'tubing' down the river. This it literally sitting in a blown up innertube and just making your way down the river. I really enjoyed it! we found a few good trees to jump out of and had a bit of an encounter with giant red ants in my pants but it was a awesome experience with amazing views of the tree covered mountains of Koh Sok. We then went to a monkey temple which didn't have any monkeys because it was the monks day off or something which was a bit of a let down. The day ended with us going to a local bar ... again

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